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Galeria EXIT

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EXIT is the second show created by TRICICLE, where we define our future line of work, that is to say, the pleasure of bringing to the stage situations and characters that are part of real life, a product of daily observation, selected by our comical view of the world.
EXIT came about after an intense summer we had that was full of flights from here to there and also full of anecdotes, all of which were related to commercial aviation, and that inspired us to create our own show, where, for the first time, we played around with just one theme.

Today, fifteen years after it all began, we still perform EXIT surprising ourselves that it continues to be a show that is funny and modern. The characters and situations that we made up in the beginning continue happening in airports and on flights to this very day. By adding things that have burst into society like mobile phones or laptops, also by adding young, efficient actors as they demonstrated themselves in SLASTIC, we have come up with extremely positive results that are quite vivid.




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