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Bravo, extraordinaire, plein de matices et en même temps simple, proche du public.
A bientôt, revenez le plus vite possible.

I live in Geneva and everytime I have been to Spain, and had the opportunity, I went to see your shows. My dad is a great fan and he was the one who introduce me to your group.
I went several times to see your show; actually, I watched it 4 times! Loved it every time! I managed to bring several friends and the great thing is that eventhough they dont speak a word of Spanish nor Catalan, they all laughed sooooo much.
Best regards and best wishes for 2009.
One of your fans,

...  My friend called and said she had an extra ticket for your show. Neither of us was particularly enthusiasiastic about going - but we thought we'd go anyway!  

Your show was absolutely hillarious! I loved it!!!

Please return to Lisbon - fast!!! :)

Niki Joseph. Lisbon, Portugal.

Hier soir , j´ai pu voir votre spectacle avec toute ma famille .....

Fabuleux , merveilleux , parfait !!!!

Fabuloso , merveilloso , perfecto !!!

Fabulous , merveillous , perfectous !!!

Il y avait très longtemps que je n´avais autant ri !!

Merci Merci Merci



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