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Hotel Room

It's the space enclosed between a ceiling, a floor, and 4 walls. It is generally expected that at least one of the walls will include a window. For it to be a proper hotel room, it needs to contain one or more beds, and a nightstand, ideally two of them. On one of the nightstands you can usually find a telephone, so light in weight, that you will surely fling it towards an unknown destination as soon as you attempt to pick up the receiver.

There will likely be a chair in front of a desk, and on top of said desk there commonly sits a television set. The quality of said set highly depends upon the category of the hotel. It is non-questionable that inside this room there should be another smaller one, also known as bath, where occupants take care of their personal hygiene and physiological needs.

There are all kinds of hotel rooms, from luxury types to frugal ones. The most luxurious ones are generally large and richly decorated. The dingy ones guarantee that you will have all your basics covered in order to spend a night of disconfort.

The windows on luxury hotels do not guarantee light or nice views. Fate and receptionists play a fundamental role for this. And even though simpler hotels are expected to be somewhat noisier than 5-star ones, it is also highly likely that, on occasion, it will not be possible to get any rest at all, due to weekend weddings and their associated sound levels.

After being on tour for so many years, I have spent countless hours inside of a hotel room. Hour after hour waiting for the moment to go to the theater. A hotel room is a second home to me, it's a place where I live with my own time in solitude.

These images are representative of how bored can someone become when they spend so much time enclosed between the walls of an unfamiliar room. They all look alike, and yet, each of them is different, as you will never find two hotel rooms that look the same.



Polvo Eres 1997

David 1995

Quien mal anda mal acaba 1993

A la Mañana Siguiente

La Casa del Terror

FlashNifties Flash Slideshow
25 years ago

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