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Historia de Tricicle

Joan Gracia
Paco Mir
Carles Sans

And after a week of hard work, long faces and gray days, there is nothing better than to attend a laughter therapy Tricicle hands. Thank you for making us so enjoy, and return the smile that so often forget.

Dear wonderful, genious entertainers!!!!!!!!!!! 

I saw your wonderful show in madrid last Thursday, because I have seen you in Venice twenty years ago at a wonderful evening  at theatro la Fenice. 
Again thank you for the wonderful evening you gave for all visitors. 


lothar Tirala
Innsbruck, Austria



Tricicle Historia

TRICICLE is a physical theatre company whose shows are predominantly based on humour. TRICICLE is made up of three actors, Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir and Carles Sans, who founded the Company on November 1st 1979 to perform their brief sketches in the street and at alternative venues.

At that time, the three members of TRICICLE were students at Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre and specialised in Pantomime and the Dramatic Arts. In 1982, following several seasons of performances at alternative venues, they made their debut on the professional circuit at the Sala Villarroel in Barcelona with a show comprising a collection of different sketches created during their time at the so-called cafés-teatro (bars and cafés offering live performances). The show, entitled MANICOMIC, was both a critical and commercial success and went on to win a prize at Sitges International Theatre Festival that year.

A surprising guest appearance on a highly popular TV show launched the Company to nation-wide fame and swiftly prompted their debut at Madrid’s Teatro Cadarso. In 1984, TRICICLE opened with their show EXIT which was the first production to attract full houses in Spain. Subsequently, the Company was programmed abroad and began to make a name for itself in Europe.

TRICICLE established themselves with the 1986 production, SLASTIC, which consistently packed out theatres both at home and abroad for a number of years. SLASTIC was followed by TERRRIFIC and then ENTRETRES, with which the Company reached its 20th anniversary, and, to celebrate this, Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir and Carles Sans created an anthology entitled TRICICLE 20 made up of the most popular sketches of their career. And then came SIT, an unprecedented success which was highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. In 2007, the Company presented GARRICK, which was destined to be another hit-show. And BITS, premiered in Alicante in May 2012.

They are currently touring with their latest HITS show, with which, after 40 years working together, Joan, Carles and Paco say they'll get off the stage. This remains to be seen!

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