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NOS PERSIGUEN. Gracias a una aplicación que tiene la NASA para el iphone, estamos detectando presencia alienígena en todos los teatros que visitamos. ¿Qué querrán de nosotros? ¿Se nos llevarán? ¿Nos convertiremos en payasos interplanetarios? Y no, no estamos psicóticos y sufrimos de Pareidolia (consultar diccionario ¿?); no, estos son RE-A-LES y nos dicen cosas, muchas, pero aún no sabemos ni descifrarlas ni interpretarlas.

Alien:<br>Jose Miguel Serrano Alien:<br>Magdalena Dot Alien:<br>Mila Lobo Alien:<br>Pilar Silvestre from Murcia Bremen:<br>Maria Jeus Yago from Bremen Snowing at Roni:<br>Roger Castells Alien:<br>Pablo Ardino Alien:<br>Pitu Buxo Ona:<br>Kike Garca Cookies:<br>Albert Farr Mochilero:<br>Marcos Comillas from Cordoba Alien:<br>Jc Srv‎ Carolina Carolain:<br>Alien Alien:<br>Vicente Sanchez‎ Alien from Santa Coloma de Gramenet:<br>Ruben Cura Ruiz‎ Alien:<br>Vicente Sanchez Pita‎ Smiling alien on my PC:<br>Christian Har I see you:<br>Jose Manuel Mocete Can Ro Lobo:<br>From  Elsa Junquera Kote:<br> London:<br>Flor Aguado‎ calefactor:<br>Mostoman snow at Roni:<br>Roger Castells Alien in the elevator:<br>Carlos Manzano Frome Medellin:<br>Lorena Morales from Medellin (Colombia) Alien con pajarita:<br>Cesar Hernandez The mountains are alive:<br>In Huesca, the mountains are alive .. and if you don't believe it, watch intently he, he..<br>Gema (foto de Pedro Montaner) They are invading us:<br>Oscar Prez Rodriguez Christian Hart's alien:<br>A mustachioed alien in my notebook! :<br>Mercedes Periago Ortiz Big nose:<br>Mercedes Periago Ortiz Alien from Bizkaia:<br>Inigo P�rez. Alien:<br>By kore Alien:<br>Carmen Cortijo Rubio Alien:<br>By Francisco Jose Alvarez Alien:<br>An alien near to Barceloneta. Ana Maria Arcos Nespresso. What else?:<br>Of Mara Jess Gonzlez Snchez Alien:<br> Alien:<br> Alien:<br>Dzungle Silva. Alien:<br>Aries Garcia Alien:<br>Angel Perez Crillo. Alien:<br>Na Marga Carri Alien:<br>Aries Garcia. Alien:<br>Aries Garcia. Crplien:<br>Eugenia Llull Alien:<br>Merche Cazalilla. Alien-Potsdam:<br>Glria Tersol Alien:<br>Nuria Cifredo Chacn Alien:<br>Pere Batlle Alien:<br>Iria Gajean Alien 2:<br>Max Mir Alien 1:<br>Max Mir Alien:<br>Jordi Juanmarti Alien:<br>Alberto Garca Rodriguez Alien:<br>Meritxell Guardiola Ready to the beach:<br>Jess Labrado Flor Garcia-Casarrubios Biedma:<br> Alien:<br>Angel Perez Crillo Alienneeeeez:<br>Juan Martinez Happy alien:<br>Happy alien. Mercedes Periago Ortiz Alien:<br>Juan Martinez Alien:<br> De Pilar Monlen Alien:<br>De Pere Blazquez Balanza Aien from Mxico D.F.:<br> Alien from Menorca:<br> Alien:<br> Alien:<br> Oscar Drpont :<br> Alien:<br>Miguel Barona Alien:<br> Alien:<br> Alien:<br> Alien from Colombia:<br>Felipe Inmoral Alien from Colombia:<br>Felipe Inmoral Alien from Colombia:<br> Alien from Valencia:<br> alien:<br> alien into the oven:<br> Alien Lituano:<br> Alien:<br>Alien suitcase Alien Tree:<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> :<br> Merche Cazalilla:<br> Miquel ngel Alberton:<br> Lae Qti:<br> Eugenia Llull:<br> Francisco Jose Alvarez:<br> Tania Churches:<br> Jos Manel Garrido:<br> Montse Sanchez:<br> Garls Hamparzoumian:<br> Osvaldo Priggione:<br> Felipe Inmora:<br> from Colombia sent us this smiling giant alien Edgar Rosich:<br>Alien from Solivella Raquel Ra:<br> Susana Monmeneu:<br> sent us a botanic alien Jordi Purti:<br>Camouflaged by the rocks to the right: an enchanted forest.
Fresh alien:<br>Look at what I have in the fridge .... a coldish alien! Eugenia Llull:<br>An alien that every day takes me home  Rodolfo Jumo Arrieta:<br>I found this Alien in a Hotel, Lima Peru. Beatriz alien:<br>I found this alien in the room band of my people, Picanya. Alien porexpan:<br> Eugenia Alien:<br>An alien appeared at home just when my sister and family went on vacation... How frightening!
Alien:<br> Aries alien :<br> Mysterious Alien:<br>Do you know if the is one of the good guys? He spends 10h a day with me!
Francisco Jose Alvarez:<br>Is this one worthy? He's quite ugly. Otherwise it might be an alien transport.
Cheeky alien:<br> Alien that live in lava lamp:<br>And at night... aliens that live in lava lamps. He's only missing his space suit to breathe :)
Cheeky alien :<br> Hanging:<br>The alien hanging. Carlos Manzano:<br>send us an alien surprised with very big nose… THE ALIEN CAR:<br>Nil Martin sends us this alien than lives in a car and is always very surprised. SMILEY CAR:<br>A smiley that went out for a walk.
Reme Dieguez THE AMAZED ALIEN:<br> PIGGY ALIEN:<br>The piggy alien, sent by Peni Barrachina. EAGLET ALIEN:<br>We present the eaglet alien, that controls the centre of Madrid. He doesn't miss a thing.
EXHAUSTED ALIEN:<br>Exhausted Alien, probably from spinning around life. 
Captured by Maria Garcia Blanco
Ninja alien:<br>THE BOOT NINJA. Now the aliens not only camouflage them selves but also wear masks to hide their identity. This has been captured by Anna Ramos.
There are aliens also in the AVE:<br>They are called AVIENS, we presume. This one belongs to the (large) faction hiding in the toilets. Office alien:<br>OFFICE ALIEN. Or suffocated alien for what we can see, up to his neck. Tries to pass unnoticed in Maria J Garcia Salguero's office. Alien profile:<br>ALIEN PROFILE. Another alien that shows the face, well, middle, and this has been captured on Mount Anboto by Iaki Bageneta. Camouflaged alien:<br>He lives in a print, camouflaged of tree. That is, the engraving is no camouflaged as a tree but the Alien is camouflaged as a tree within a print hanging in my hotel room, well, not really around the room but in one wall. It took me three months to find him and now when I go to sleep, I have to turn it around.
Elegant alien:<br>Another alien caught red-handed in a bathroom. What's with aliens and bathrooms?
Alien porexpan:<br>Christian Trias sends us a POREXPAN ALIEN. Every day they are more shameless.
Alien garbage:<br>Another alien. This camouflaged in a container in Madrid. A little Pinocchio and rapper cap. MARCIANO OWL:<br>MARCIANO OWL. It's in sound and recording studio and he hears everything, does not miss a single one. Alien boxer:<br>The Alien Boxer, judging from his nose more than twisted. We have found the door of our office. Incredible! Alien stunned:<br>He did  not expected to find camouflaged hook on the wall of a theater. Alien smile:<br>People live with the water to the neck and others how you can see with coffee. This has been found by an anonymous correspondent. Alien cup:<br> Alien garbage:<br>We have a new Aliens hunter. David Mosquera Rei has expanded our filings with the ALIEN GARBAGE. Alien predator:<br>J. Carlos apples sends us the image of a predator Instantes helicopters captured before it could have been that qualify as Alien optimist:<br>The ALIEN optimistic because as seen at first sight is an ALIEN OPENER, a personality in principle open, Manolo Garrido in Madrid caught in a bar.To know what was drunk! Alien Sobrino:<br>A disturbing presence in the four weeks of performances of SOBRINOS DEL CAPITN GRANT. Pilona:<br> Alien Water:<br>NO PRIVACY. Aliens are starting to lure even in the small places where we thought we were safe. Alien with Bangs:<br>This has become a full-fledge invasion. From Madrid we have received another alien, this time posing as a soap container wall mount. <br>We cannot afford to relax, their sneaky ways are becoming subtler every day. Take a look at this one, who is even sporting a set of bangs on its head. <br>Be afraid... Fire Extinguisher Alien:<br>Captured in Bilbao. It was pretending to be a wall support for a fire extinguishing device,<BR>which cleverly indicates that we are looking at a species in danger of becoming extint. Lounge Alien:<br>Alien vacationing in Lanzarote. Hose Alien:<br>Jet-lagging because of the time difference between the earth and distant universes<br>makes aliens suffer from serious brain damage. Spa Alien:<br>Aliens, which lack sexual organs and reproduce by means of spores,<br>tend to hide in showers in order to -so they say- investigate... Pinocchio Alien:<br>You can easily recognize aliens because they are compulsive liars.
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