Joan Gràcia was born in Barcelona’s Poble Sec in 1957. He worked as a bank clerk, participated in motorcycle races… but one day he discovered show business and decided to leave everything behind and devote himself 100% to the performing arts and to Tricicle.

In addition to Tricicle he has produced two wonderful daughters, some zarzuela, shows for Tricicle’s clone company Clownic, and some scripts for very short shorts.

He has designed costumes for operas and bikinis for beautiful women, and above all, he has generously gained weight thanks to the fact that he is a lover of gastronomy, especially Argentinian cuisine. He is currently the creative director of Grupo Pachá and artistic director of the Cabaret Lio Ibiza Restaurant.

When he grows up he wants to be a movie and theater spectator, but only a spectator, not a critic, not an actor, not a producer, nor a director.

Lio Joan Gracia

What I am doing now?

  • Lio Ibiza – Back to the Future
  • Lio Mykonos – Delicatessen
  • Lio Londres
  • Crowns & Rings
  • Lio Palma
  • Simply the Best..


In addition to everything he has done with TRICICLE, he has also participated in the following productions:

1993: THE BARBER OF SEVILLE by Rossini. Opera adapted for children. Costume Design

1998: MANICOMIC for the Clownic company. Direction, replacement and updating of the first Tricicle show with actors trained at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

1998: SLASTIC. Address for the Simon Pure company from North Carolina (USA). This company currently interprets Slastic by North American universities and by Europe.

2002: TRICICLE 20. Direction for the Clownic company. Replenishment and update of the Tricicle show.

2002: THE NEPHEWS OF CAPTAIN GRANT. Assistant director of the zarzuela.

2003: THE GENERALA by Perrín and Palacios. Idea and production of the zarzuela, with music by Amadeo Vives.

2005: SIT. Address for the Clownic company. Replenishment and update of the Tricicle show.

2008: I GOT ON A GREEN PIANO. Direction.

2008: SPAMALOT THE MUSICAL by the Monty Pythons. Direction.

2009: GARRICK. Direction for the Clownic company. Replenishment and update of the Tricicle show.

2009: BRODAS BROS. Scenic direction.

1997: GALA PREMIOS ONDA’S96 for Cadena Ser and Canal +. Script and direction.

1999: KANIBAL Magazine Cultural for Barcelona Televisió (BTV). Script and direction.

1993:  QUIEN MAL ANDA, MAL ACABA. Protagonist in the short film by Carles Sans.

1996: MENDIGOS SIN FRONTERAS. Screenwriter and producer of the short film. Co-direction: Paco Mir.

2002: VIVANCOS EL SUCIO III. Collaboration.

Screenwriter of the feature film SI TE LLAMASES ARETHA.

Screenwriter of the short film EL EURO SE ACERCA.

Screenwriter of the feature film LA CHACHA DE BOND.

1995-2001: SGAE (General Society of Authors of Spain). Member of the board.

1986: SLASTIC. Creation of the sports brand, inspired by the show of the same name and all the merchandising parallel to the show.

2004: 25 X 25 COMMEMORATIVE OF THE 25 OF TRiCICLE and SPORT. Script and production.

Currently: TRICICLE EVENTS. Director of the department, among which have been carried out for the following firms: Honda, Renault, Mitsubishi, BBVA, Mahou, Rowenta, Teffal and Krupps.

Currently: 3XTR3S. Member of the Board of Directors.