National Culture Award (CONCA) 2020

Catalan singer Maria del Mar Bonet, film director and screenwriter Carla Simón, the Tricicle Theater company, the work residence for artists and researchers at the Center d’Art Natura de Farrera (CAN) and the Xamfrà musical project have been distinguished this year by the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts (CoNCA) with the National Awards of Culture of the Catalan Generalitat in its first edition in which the awards have gone from ten to five

Gold Medal of the Academy of Performing Arts 2019

The Academy of Performing Arts awarded its maximum, the Gold Medal, in recognition of the Barcelona group Tricicle for “its brilliant professional career in the discipline of gestural theater where they have stood out for their witty humor”. Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir and Carles Sans thanked the Academy for recognizing their 40-year history.

Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2010

Tricicle receives the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. These awards distinguish people and entities that have provided “notable services in the promotion, development or dissemination” of art and culture or in the conservation of artistic heritage.

Tricicle from A to Z

An encyclopedia that summarizes the history of the famous theater company in small doses that are as informative as they are fun. From the beginnings of three friends who wanted to take over the world to the three veterans who continue to fill theaters after thirty-five years. A work that mixes anecdotes, travels, theories, data, friends, theatrical tricks, methodology, improvisations, humor, hobbies, dreams, hopes and the occasional small failure that makes its triumph even more brilliant. A sparkling work, nothing rhetorical, direct and full of humor … but at the same time full of reflections that do not seem so because they are neither speculative nor inflated with packaging.

Reading it in small doses, like one read dictionaries to avoid embarrassment, one gets a very close and complete idea of the personality of its components and of their impressive career in show business.

Garrick goes to India

Garrick, created by Tricicle in the purest comic style and with the intention of making us smile with a solidarity purpose that only seeks to obtain financing for one of the many projects that the NGO ADA develops in the state of Maharashtra: the literacy of 2,000 children and women of the Adivasi ethnic group, which this year will materialize in the creation, in different towns, of 20 mobile schools and 10 aid groups for women.

The book costs € 10 but its real value in India corresponds almost to the cost of a school year in a mobile school. The amount of three books would be equivalent to the monthly salary of a teacher and, with the benefits of 10 copies, a cabin school could be built.


Olympic Games Barcelona '92

Participate in the closing ceremony of the Jocs Olímpics de Barcelona, with 65,000 spectators direct to the Estadi Olímpic and more than 200,000,000 through television.