I was born in ’57 and they immediately saw that I was male and that they would have to call me Francisco, which was the traditional thing to do in the Mir branch of the family.

As a child I went through a stage of “Currito” (to differentiate myself from my father, who was called Curro) and even a “Currito de Oro” which, years later I took advantage of, using the name as an alias of a character who was a bullfighter .

Finally everyone agreed and they called me Paco.

I was going to be a Fine Arts student (although I really wanted to draw comic strips) when I happened to stumble upon the performing arts and, today, after kicking stages around the world for almost 40 years, creating eight works with TRICICLE, writing a lot, winning two Max awards, producing several television series, creating advertising campaigns and adapting and directing (with some success) more than fifty theater, zarzuela and opera titles, I still have the feeling that I am in the show business by sheer chance.

I never stopped drawing just in case.

Paco & Mosica Mix

What am I doing now?


In addition to everything he has done with TRICICLE, he has also participated in the following productions.

1991: CLOCHARD Creation and direction for Grappa Teatre.

1995: HALF LIFE.

1997: GIFT OR CURSE. Short piece selected among Spanish playwrights to participate in the Manizales Festival in Colombia.

1998: CRIATURES, from T de TEATRE. Author of three of the texts of the show.

1998: BUT IS THERE SANTA CLAUS? Short piece based on information that appeared on the internet.

1999: CRACKS. Show based on the texts of Cracks of Canal Plus.

1999: INFORMATIVE. Short piece for the centenary of Cadena Ser.

1999: IT’S NOT THAT EASY. Max Award for the best Catalan author.

2001: BON PROFIT! Script and direction of a percussion show.

2004: DO YOU KNOW PROSINESKY? Teatre Principal de Barcelona.

2004: DINAMITA (theater) Script and direction.

2006: AVIDA VIDA Dramaturgy for a dance show by COLORS.

2007: CORDA I DESCORDA. Script and stage direction of a children’s concert

2007: ROME. Represented in Spain and Miami.

2009: LA GRANVIA ESQUINA CHUECA Creation and direction for the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

2009: THE CLUB OF THE INVISIBLES. Children’s work

2011: INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE WHO IN THE END HE WAS SO BUT JUST A LITTLE. Co-author and direction for Grappa Teatre

2011: CHRISTMAS CONCERT. Script and direction for the Teatro de La Zarzuela


2012: CORAL CITY. Children’s work

2013: THEY SAY IT WOULD RAIN. Script and direction.

2013: ELS PASTORETS Creation and direction

2014: ALLEGRO Creation and direction of a cappella musical show.

2016: AIR Creation and direction of a musical show for Emilio Aragón.

2016: THE PARTY.

2016: IS THERE ANYTHING MORE BORING THAN BEING A PINK PRINCESS? Based on the story by Raquel Díaz Reguera.

2017: CONCERT OF ZAPATA AND ORCHESTRA Script and artistic direction.

2017: ANA CORETA. Theater play

2018: THEY FLY HIGH. Based on the story by Raquel Díaz Reguera.


1993: THE BARBER OF SEVILLE by Rossini. Opera adaptation for children.

1996: PEL DAVANT I PEL DARRERA (Noises Off) by Michael Frayn. Adaptation.

1996: POLITICALLY INCORRECT by Ray Cooney. Adaptation and Direction

1998: THE DINNER OF THE IDIOTS de Francis Veber. Adaptation and direction. Nominated for Max for Best Adaptation.

1999: THE AUTHENTIC INSPECTOR HOUND by Tom Stoppard and BLACK COMEDY by Peter Schaffer for 3xtr3s. Translation and adaptation.

1999: THE REVENGE OF DON MENDO by Pedro Muñoz Seca. Adaptation and direction.

1999: I LOVE YOU, YOUR ARE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE adaptation of the musical for Vania Produccions

2000: PRIVATE LIVES of Noel Coward. Adaptation and direction.

2001: THE DINNER OF THE IDIOTS. Spanish version directed by Paco Mir

2001: THE NEPHEWS OF CAPTAIN GRANT, zarzuela for the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

2002: PEL DAVANT I PEL DARRERA returns to Barcelona in its version and translation.

2002: LOVERS by Jose DiPietro. Adaptation and direction. Max for the best musical.

2003: THE GENERALA. Operetta. Adaptation and direction



2004: NOBODY IS PERFECT. Adaptation

2005: THE NEPHEWS OF CAPTAIN GRANT returns to the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid

2006: Sharp Jaw Direction

2006: GOD by Woody Allen, adaptation and direction

2007: SILENCE WE LIVE Adaptation of texts by Adolfo Marsillach

2008: GLOBAL OPTIMISM Co-author and direction with Cia Pocaconya

2008: I WENT UP ON A GREEN PIANO Direction

2009: SPAMALOT The Musical. Direction and adaptation

2009: BOEING BOEING Adaptation

2010: THE REVENGE OF DON MENDO Readaptation

2011: POLITICALLY INCORRECT Readaptation for Barcelona

2011: CANDIDE, Opera. Adaptation and stage direction premieres at the San Lorenzo del Escorial Summer Festival

2011: FOREVER YOUNG Adaptation and direction of the musical

2012: EL PELELE, by Feydeau

2012: THE GENTILMAN BURGER, by Moliere


2013: LA BANQUETA Script and direction

2014: UN JETA, DOS JEFES Adaptation


2014: PEREZ THE TERRIBLE Adaptation and direction

2014: ELS PASTORETS (replacement) Direction

2015: CURSED FORTUNE Adaptation and direction

2015: THE 4 NOTES OPERA Adaptation and direction

2015: SUBTILE INVASION AND OTHER TALES Theatrical adaptation for Eolia

2015: GALANTEOS IN VENICE Adaptation and direction for the Zarzuela

2017: EL ROSCÓN DE REYES. Adaptation of Texts by Elvira Lindo


2018: THE PLAÇA DEL DIAMANT. Adaptation and direction.

2018: HAMLET OR NOT. Adaptation

1992: FEM DE TOT Creation and direction of a pilot program for TV3.

1993: WEAK SEX Project selected by Media Bussiness School for its pilot program for the development of a sitcom.

1994: THE THIEVES GO TO THE OFFICE Co-writer in three chapters of the series

1994: OH EUROPE! Scripts for Dagoll Dagom

1995: QUICO EL PROGRE Screenwriter

1995: HISTORIAS DE LA PUTA MILI Screenwriter

1996: A short commemorative of the T company of Teatre. Script and direction

1996: OH SPAIN! 4 Screenplays for Dagoll Dagom

1996: CRACKS series of 164 monologues for LO + PLUS. Script and realization

1997: THE CLARCK SAGA. 64-chapter soap opera for LO + PLUS.Script and realization.

2000 – 2009: DYNAMITE

2017: EL QUINTO PINO. Series development for Globe MEdia

1991: HALF LIFE Screenplay subsidized by the Ministry

1995: HERE WE MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE Scriptwriter and protagonist of Alejandro Calvo Sotelo’s short

1995: PALACE Feature film

1996: MENDIGOS SIN FRONTERAS Co-writer, producer and co-director with Juan de Gracia.

2003: THE BEST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO A CRUASAN Adaptation and direction of the novel of the same name for the cinema.

2016: 80 MINUTES. Feature film script

1994: SANT JORDI PRIZE Screenwriter

1997: GALA PREMIOS ONDAS Screenwriter and director.

2004: GALA DE LA VII EDICION DE LOS PREMIOS MAX Screenplay and direction


1999: ONCE direction of an announcement for the Eleven campaign. Awarded the National Television and Radio Award and Grand Prix of the San Sebastian Festival

2002: BEEP script and direction of the television campaign

2002: IKEA script and direction of the television campaign

2002: DONUTS direction of an advertising campaign

2004: EL PAIS script and direction of the campaign A Country of Cinema 2 and Mystery Collection.

1979-1982: TBO

1981-1982: Diario de Barcelona

1981-1999: El Jueves magazine

1989: Menudo Viento compilation book of comics from different publications

1990: EL MIÉRCOLES MERCADO three compilation books of the collaborations with Quatricomia for the magazine El Jueves