I was born in the summer of 1955 in my house. As soon as that happened, I was given a spank on each buttock to show me what life was about, and they immediately started feeding me Canarian gofio. The unending food gave me a superstuffed chubby look that to this day triggers irrepressible belly laughs in those who see my baby photos. At age 10, I mastered the art of making my classmates laugh without the teachers noticing.

In my teenage years, I was sent as an intern to a “model” school for priests who beat me in the face if I did not behave. Then I enrolled in a posh school in Barcelona where I shared a class with girls. I failed almost every subject. In an unusual fit of coherence, I decide to be a journalist and enrolled in Law School.

After a joyous military service in Almería, I discovered that being an actor was what I liked the most in this life. I became friends with Joan Gracia and Paco Mir and we decided to become El Tricicle. I enrolled at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.

While I have enjoyed the success of our shows, I have also been able to train as a director of award-winning shorts, articles in several widely read newspapers, a four-handed book and a solo show that is starting to tour now.

If everything continues like this, I would not complain if I kick the bucket in a long time.

What I am doing now?

Carles Sans – Finally Alone!

Now that Tricicle is taking an indefinite break, Carles Sans, after 40 years in silence, takes advantage of FINALLY ALONE! where he talks about funny professional and personal anecdotes lived during all his time in the performing arts. His confessions include surprising memories, such as how he became interested in his partners’ girlfriends before he was interested in the partners themselves. Or how he managed to overcome his last colonoscopy while the doctor spoke to him about Tricicle. He also tells us about the first time his parents saw him perform with Joan and Paco in a café theater in Barcelona, when someone licked their ears when they were performing in Japan, and the memorable ruckus he raised while having a panic attack on a jumbo jet…

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In addition to everything he has done with TRICICLE, he has also participated in the following productions:

Leaving aside the works of Tricicle (Manicomic, Exit, Slastic, Terrrific, Tricicle 20, Sit and Garrick) Carles Sans has also worked in the following productions:

1993. Rossini’s Barber of Seville Address. Opera adapted for children.

2001. Theater direction of the play Familia by Fernando León de Aranoa.

2008. Codirection Spamalot El Musical premiere in Barcelona

2009. Codirección Spamalot El Musical for its premiere in Madrid

2011. Forever Young codirection for its premiere in Madrid

1993. Screenplay and direction of the short film Who bad is bad ends. Awards: Best Short Film Award at the Montreal Festival; Goya Awards 1993 Finalist; Alfás del Pi; Huelva; Montpellier and Jacobean.

1995. He co-directs with Tricycle: PALACE

1995. Script and direction of the short film David. Awards: Best Photography at the Iberian Film Festival; Goya Awards 1997 finalist.

1997. Script and direction of the short film Polvo Eres.

1997. Performance in the film Love seriously damages health. Manuel Gomez Pereira

2002. Collaboration in Vivancos el Sucio III.

2004. Collaboration in the film The Surprising World of Borja Mary Pocholo, directed by Santiago Segura.

2016. He co-produces the Documentary Feature Bigas x Bigas which premieres at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

1987. Directs and interprets Tres Estrellas on TV3

1992. Gags by TV3 about Popular Festivities

1994. Directs and performs Chooof!

From 2000 to 2003 Co performs the serious Dynamite

2005. Co-performs and interprets for Tele 5 Teletipos

2005. Co-performs and interprets Trilita by TV3

2010. Co-performs and performs Más Dinamita

1991. He records a television commercial for Ciruelas Borges.

1999. Realization of an advertisement for the Daewoo brand.

1999. Realization of an advertisement for the brushes brand Jordan.

2003. Realization of an advertisement for the JB brand.

2009. Direction “Making Of” by GARRICK

2010. Published in Editorial Seix Barral CITA A DOS a book written in two hands with journalist Anna Llauradó.

2015 Published with Ediciones B “Tricicle from A to Z” written together with Tricicle.