“Dynamite to the theater” is a show that collects the best of the 56 chapters of Dynamite. In other words: they are the best 90 minutes of the almost 23 hours recorded and that, week after week, have been audience leaders on TV3. In other words: they are the 60 best sketches out of the 1200 that it took to produce the television series.

In other words: the actors of Dynamite interpret the best moments of the series live and direct. Tricicle reinvents Dynamite giving it a theatrical format so that audiences of all ages can enjoy some sketches that are more than proven effective.

We could say it in more ways but they would all be repetitive. Dynamite has a format already known as to have to sell it. “Dynamite to the theater” will be like a triple chapter of Dynamite and will retain the same characteristic characters, the same absurd situations, a slightly less devilish rhythm and, above all, the great value that the live performance gives.