Highly recommended.

Vista Teatral

Apparently simple and “highly fun”.

Teatro Madrid

Fun and magnificent adaptation with an absolute mastery of the comedy tempo.

Diario de Sevilla

Thus, ingenuity and originality take ahold of the characters who, against all odds, try to stage this story about the love affairs between Diana, Countess of Belflor, and her secretary, Teodoro.


An hour and a half of constant smiles.

Diario Crítico

With the essentials and, above all, with two excellent actors and two actresses, we travel through the three acts of the play enjoying a constant “theatrical game”. Because theater is, in essence, just that… a game, and when you find it in large quantities, it becomes a delight for the audience and we all enjoy mistakes, stumbles and nonsense. A marvelous comedy.

Que revienten los artistas

The fact that only two actors and two actresses fill the discreet setting of the stage with light, color, joy, optimism, and fast-paced action is prodigious. Ninety minutes that were fully enjoyed, with a verse well worked on diction, producing a fun, original, and successful show. Paco Mir, author of a very versatile version, with a great cast full of comedy. Lope’s work comes out significantly enhanced.

Lanza. Diario de La Mancha

Ingenuity and fun in ‘El Perro del Hortelano’. A play that bewitches the viewer. The story transcends and fills the theatre with an echo of laughter. The audience travels between two alternate realities that create a humorous and captivating atmosphere. Four actors embody the twelve characters in a play that fills the theater with applause.

La Tribuna de Ciudad Real

Abundant stagecraft and mastery of comedy by the four performers.

El Correo

Paco Mir has drawn an ingenious, hilarious show, sprinkled with visual gags and jokes that frame the plot of the two-way love affair between Countess Diana and her secretary Teodoro.