The chair is and has always been an indispensable object in the odyssey of humans through time. Ever since its discovery (one assumes in some prehistoric era replete with natural phenomena and now-extinct animals), the chair has accompanied humans beings in the vast majority of their endeavours.

The chair is and has been a privileged witness to peace treaties, mouth-watering feasts, congenial conversations, sensational shows, tough trials, long waits and passionate love affairs.

The chair has also been a co-star of Tricicle”s on countless occasions, present in gags and sketches from previous shows such as Slastic, Exit or Entretrès (Three for all).

Today, we have chosen the chair as our focal point, the main character, the central inspiration for our new show.

”SIT” (or ”The incredible chair-men”) the history, of the chair, its different uses and the everyday situations in which it finds itself, from its invention to present day. It is a story told by a series of fictitious characters known as the Chairwoods. The Chairwoods belong to the saga of the very first hominids to use the chair, not just to sit down and rest upon, but also in the context of many other interactions such as the fact, for example, of being seated to watch a theatre performance. At the same time, the Company”s intention was to create a show in which the chair”s aesthetic nature and its functionality turn it into a part-and-parcel character of the performance.

Tricicle have created a show in which humour is explored through scenic and aesthetic interaction within the framework of their unique theatrical approach to everyday situations a formula with which the audience can readily identify themselves time and time again.
SIT was premiered in May 2002 and since then has been presented in important theatres from here and abroad.

But we still have a lot more going on!