El Perro del Hortelano Paco Mir

The Dog in the Manger

El Perro del Hortelano A Dog in the Manger production where not even Lope himself could have found any sniffs or butts. LORCA AWARD FOR BEST THEATER ADAPTATION Nominated LORCA AWARDS BEST FEMALE PERFORMER Nominated LORCA AWARDS BEST THEATER SHOW Gallery

Paco Mir Las Nubes

The Clouds

Las nubes Fully impregnated by the spirit of Aristophanes, we have made a version as gangster as THE CLOUDS was in its time. The action takes place a few days after the inauguration of the Augusta Emérita theater, in the current city of Mérida. The manager of the coliseum, a theater pro, tries to sell…

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters MOTHERS AND DAUGTHERS is a version of “I deien que plouria”, the text that was a finalist in the theatrical battles of Temporada Alta 2013. Like other finalist works, “I deien que plouria” had the potential to become a feature of a conventional duration without compromising the original plot so Paco Mir…

I go with myself

I go with me Sol is a very special girl, she wears wings and wears birds on her head. Sol really likes a boy called Martí, but Martí doesn’t pay attention to her, he doesn’t look at her, he never looks at her, in fact he doesn’t seem to see her. Sol’s friends advise her to change…